Chronic Care Proposal Essay

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Recommendations Two recommendations that align with the aforementioned solutions are to shift the focus of health care from acute care to chronic care, and implement sustainable disease surveillance systems.
Shift from Acute Care to Chronic Care SEAR countries have made immense progress over the past 15 years to combat communicable diseases, however, the region has failed to address the rise of NCDs. Consequences of NCDs, such as mortality, are expected to continue to rise for years to come, therefore, a shift from acute care to chronic care at the primary health care level is necessary. This can look like implementing comprehensive NCD care models, such as the Chronic Care Model (CCM) or the aforementioned WHO PEN. While there are advantages to implementing these models and frameworks, such as enhancing early detection and self-management, a conducive policy environment can be necessary for positive results. For example, while the WHO PEN can be applied in many low-resource settings, it can be most valuable in regions that have a national policy framework for prevention and control of NCDs, such as
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Standard collection and provision of this sort of information can be used to develop, improve, monitor, and evaluate policies and programs targeted at controlling and preventing NCDs. However, sufficient commitment and funding for surveillance is necessary in nations across SEAR to experience the benefits of these systems. Adequate funding allocations in national budgets can help enhance the quality and frequency of national surveys (WHO, 2011b). Therefore, it can be fundamental for surveillance to be a national priority and for governments to commit to creating sustainable surveillance
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