Chronic Care Vs Acute Care Essay

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My understanding of chronic care vs. acute care, is basically the time difference in each of them and the different process of treating them/dealing with them. With acute illnesses, these last no longer than 6 months. As with chronic illnesses, it can last a lifetime and usually continue to get worse as time goes on. For example, an acute illness would be a girl coming in who tested positive for a urinary tract infection, and a chronic illness would be diabetes mellitus. The difference between these two are that one is short term, while one is long term. Because acute and chronic illnesses have different time frames, these illnesses are treated differently. Usually with an acute illness, if it isn’t an exacerbation or a chronic infection, such…show more content…
This can include changing their diet, switching health insurances if their medicine isn’t getting covered, teaching the client how to use their medicines, and manage day to day symptoms. According to many websites, evidence supports there are 6 categories that are used for improvement of a chronic illness. These are self-management support, involving basic information about their disease, and understanding the skills that are needed to help with their disease. The second category is the delivery system design, which consists of the different roles and tasks that are done for the patients care, For example, making sure every health care provider and family members are up to date with what is going on. The decision support system, which consists of evidence based practice showing that the outcome is positive for a disease. The next category is the clinical information systems which collect data on individual patients to be then shared in a data base, another category is the organization of health care, which turns preventative care into goals for the patient and care giver, and community which ties together state programs, businesses, clubs, faith organizations, together for community and support programs. Living with a chronic illness is very tough, and as nurses we need to provide the patient with tools on how to manage their life, how to feel
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