Chronic Disease Leads to the Need for Euthenasia

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133 million Americans’ lives are drastically changed because of a chronic disease. 45% of United States population will be affected by an incurable, painful, and ongoing disease. As time goes on, the number will only increase. In fact by 2020, that number is estimated to increase to an estimated 157 million (Chronic). If euthanasia was legalized, people affected by chronic diseases would be able to die with dignity and peacefully. “Euthanasia, from the Greek for “good death,” is the intentional ending of a human life either by giving the person lethal drugs or by purposefully withholding life-saving treatment”(Cockeram). In terms of terminally ill patients, euthanasia should be legalized because the patient has the right to die peacefully and without enduring pain

Euthanasia, an extremely controversial topic, has been occurring for centuries. “Until the time of Hippocrates, physicians had two duties: one to cure and, if that was not possible, a duty to kill” (Global). During this time, physicians did not have the technology to perform the necessary medical procedures as physicians do today. Physicians did not have a wide variety of medicine or equipment to treat patients. In ancient times, euthanasia was tolerated because there were not many ways for a physician to help their patient. In fact, there was a vast amount of support towards euthanasia (Stefoff). “Euthanasia has been used as a label for “mercy killings,” but there have been times when it was used

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