Chronic Disease Management Plan Essay

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• Client has 4 sessions allocated under the Chronic Disease Management Plan.
Initial session
• Provide education on what exercises she can do for OA, hypertension and what works best for weight loss. The need to consider the diet aspect a bit more seriously (referral to dietitian covered through the CDMP), as the exercise alone is not going to have a great impact on her weight and this will help with OA pain. Also, the positive aspects of exercise on depression and anxiety (referral to Psychologist covered through the CDMP).
• Create a schedule or plan based on what is realistic considering current schedule and investigate local programs i.e. aqua aerobics, thai chai, yoga.
• Any level of activity will have a positive impacted on her aerobic condition and BMI. Aim to start with 3 x week of 20-30 minutes of light- moderate intensity (9-13/20 RPE).
• While in this early stage of change getting client to do activity will be challenging, can review additional barriers at second visit to develop some solutions.
• Provide the client with a basic home exercise programme
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• Asses the clients level of improvement from the initial session
• Revise the client’s programme, asses if any movements caused aggravation of the client’s pain.
• Revise the clients exercise diary; ask the client his preferred mode of aerobic exercise. Did the walking cause any hip or knee joint pain?
• Assess what local aerobic activity programs can be implement into the program.
• Enquire what exercises the client did/didn’t like or caused the client pain and make modifications to suite the clients preference.
3rd & 4th sessions (4 weeks after 2nd session dependant on progress at 2nd session).
• Assessing client’s progress.
• Teaching client self-management strategies (including program progress and regression based on pain
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