Chronic Diseases Are Long Lasting Disease

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Abstract Chronic diseases are long lasting disease. Chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity and arthritis are the most common and preventable health problems. These diseases generally cannot be prevented by vaccines or medication, nor do they disappear, but they can be prevented by having a healthy lifestyle since some of the major contributors are tobacco use, lack of physical activity, and bad eating habits. Cardiovascular disease is leading cause of death and disability in the United State and No. 1 killer of women, it claims more lives than all forms of cancer combined killing 380,000 people annually. About 720,000 people in the US suffer heart attacks each year. 1 in 31 death of women is…show more content…
His lab results indicated high level of glucocorticoids which is a substance related with stressors. He had stress test done and the results came back positive to heart disease the same day he had a stent placement to avoid a heart attack and to remove the plaque inside the coronary arteries. Psychological issues During the course of health problems this patients has gone under denial, stress, emotional distress, and acceptance. At the beginning he was under total denial, he would not accept his heart condition and the need of a stent placement to help his heart and avoid a heart attack. He refused the idea of being under medication for life. Since he was always so healthy and strong, the thought of dependency on medication was very discouraging for him. Stressed because the patient was thinking who was going to provide for the family if he could not work or if the worst happen to him. Health priorities This patient’s priorities health and psychological issues are atherosclerotic heart disease and stress. Stress is a state of psychological discomfort or tension by the perception of unpleasant, threating or angering stimuli. Stress can contribute to many health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Stress its responsible for headache, insomnia, muscle tension, fatigue, chest pain, etc. Common effects of stress on mood and behavior are anxiety,

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