Chronic Diseases Are The Leading Cause Of Death And Disability

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According to the World health organization , chronic diseases take the lives of more than 30 million people each year and are defined as an illness that is long in duration, slow in progression and is not passed from person to person. For Australia alone chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability. The Australian department of healths defining factors of chronic disease include, illness that is prolonged in duration, rarely cured completely and disease that does not often resolve spontainiously. (aus gov). Common features associated with most chronic diseases include a long development period, a prolonged course of illness, complex casualty, and associated functional impairments. ( When definiting chronicity and to understand chronic illness’ the concepts of, Health, wellness, disease and illness need to be understood,(barkway 2013) as well as feelings of uncertainty and powerlessness, feelings which most people suffering from a chronic illness will experience. (hummel 2013). Sources of uncertainty stem from isufficient information regarding ones illness from medical professionals, as well as personal and social factors. Uncertainty can increase stress, anxiety and loss of control. An illness rather than a disease approach to chronic and complex illness is essential as nurses are not only required to address the pathophysiological disease process, but must also be able to understand people’s individual experiences and recognize their
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