Chronic Diseases: The Discovery Of Vaccines

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The discovery of vaccines was composed of many brilliant minds and their discoveries

have impacted the medical and scientific field; to such a degree, that people’s lives are now

being saved from chronic diseases such as polio and smallpox. Today, our technology, has only

incremented the possibility of finding cures for diseases, such as the devastating illnesses

decades in the past. Antibiotics have impacted the world, and have had a ubiquitous influence,

world-wide, reaching even the most secluded places on earth.

The lifespan for humanity has increased the past decade and a half. This is an effect that

vaccination has had along with the cleaner waters, environments, and better hygiene. In an article

by Laura Helmuth, the
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If we look into another article by Matthew

Herper, we will notice how many lives can be saved (in 94 countries, with vaccines against 10

diseases) through implementation of the strategies described in his plan. Vaccines

Origin of Vaccines

Back in the late seventeenth hundreds near the eighteenth hundreds vaccines were barely

being discovered by a man named Edward Jenner. He founded a vaccine known as the smallpox

vaccine; that combated against a ubiquitous disease back in the day, which sprouted these

revolting rashes on people; caused by a variola virus - which was extremely contagious. This

disease killed one third of the victims and was highly menacing, receiving the name the:

“Speckled Monster”. This disease was incurable and horrifying, and many tried various methods

- such as herbs - to be able to treat the small pox, but it was useless. This was until Jenner

presented vaccinations that changed the medicine ideologies and their methods. Even though

Jenner began the findings of vaccines he did not receive the credit of discovering vaccines, but

was an important part for the continual scientific
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Pasteur also discovered a process called pasteurization, which destroyed bacteria by heating

beverages and allowing them to cool; Pasteur’s research also showed that the growth of micro-

organisms was responsible for spoiling beverages, such as beer, wine and milk. Many of these

discoveries led Pasteur to escalade to his very zenith of all achievements, were he found a cure

for a common disease in his day known as rabies. He, through many endeavors, discovered a

vaccine that was going to be a great phenomenon, but dared not to try it on a human, yet Pasteur

once found himself in a dilemma of saving a young kids life named Joseph Meister. Meister had

been bit by a rabid dog in the village and the mother precipitately brought him to Pasteur. If the

vaccine failed, Louis knew he would not be blamed for Joseph's death, but if Louis did nothing,

Joseph was likely to die anyway. Meister, fortunately healed, and through this encounter,

Pasteur’s vaccine saved thousands of lives; taking toll throughout entire Europe.

Vaccinations were the world’s answer to their problems and needs. People, as the
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