Chronic Hypertension And Ischemic Heart Disease

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chronic hypertension and ischemic heart disease which are correlated with aging physiology and environmental factors. Patient’s inactive life style and obesity is also responsible for these diseases. Recently, patient has suffered from a fall and hip fracture. Factors responsible for falls can be described as intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic factors are age related physiological changes, multiple diseases, effect of medication, vision and auditory problems, foot problems, impaired balance and decreased cognitive and functional capacity (de Brito Vieira et al., 2016). Extrinsic factors are lack of hand rails at home, sliding floors (for example rugs) and inadequately illumination of environments (de Brito Vieira et al., 2016). Mr A’s…show more content…
Person centred approach can also increase satisfaction levels in patients and carers (Australian commission on safety and quality in health care, 2012). Nurse will always ask Mr A about his personal choices and preferences while delivering care. For example, when he would like to have a shower? Or what he would like to have in his food. We have to take care of medical importance of diet and hygiene but patient’s choice is important while delivering care to them. Nurse can negotiate with patients or clients to agree them by informing them what is better for them. Mr A should be treated holistically. In this case, patient’s wife died before 1 year so any psychological problems should be ruled out. Stress has enormous effects on body. Stress increase maladaptive coping behaviour which effect on activity levels and dietary intake of patient (Debora, Baba, & Gomathi, 2016). Current research indicates that 70 to 80% of health related problems may be aggravated or precipitated by stress (Debora et al., 2016). Stress also cause delay in wound healing. Research suggests that psychological stress can stimulate hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal pathway and release glucocorticoids which can lead to delay healing (Debora et al., 2016). Nurse will initiate stress management plans for this patient. Person centred approach in care means behaving carefully because anything we do or do not do should not cause any harm to patient. Mr A should be addressed by his
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