Chronic Illness Impact And Interventions

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After reading the article, “Chronic Illness Impact and Interventions, Chapter 1 – Chronicity,” I have come across multiple of topics that seems to be more of an issue, than of an individual having a chronic illness and disability. As in the article, “adults age, the healthcare system, the “healthy” predication of individuals, quality of care, health disparities, culture, social influences, and financial cost” is what is causing the longevity of chronic illness and disability (Lubkin & Larsen, 2009, pgs. 6-13). The age of individuals is likely a cause of an individual developing an illness. Individuals at any age are possible for contracting an illness at any point in time, but “adults age 65 and older” are the ones more likely to have and/or develop a chronic illness (pg. 6). I believe at that time of age is when their health condition is prone to change as certain things become limited for them. An adult’s developing age somewhat puts a strain on what physical and emotional condition they are at. The healthcare system has specific criteria on what type of care is taken cared of towards their patients. Based on that, a chronic illness is not part of their criteria for them. An illness and/or disability that would last for a couple of days or weeks is a quick fix the healthcare system would address. However, if it is something different with more of an issue, it would probably be put aside and looked at a later time, or go unnoticed. There is the prediction of an
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