Chronic Kidney Disease: A Case Study

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When discussing management of CKD with a primary care provider it is up to the patient and the team to create a viable plan. "most patients require dialysis, either peritoneal dialysis (PD) or hemodialysis (HD). The majority of patients in the United States chose HD" (Hadley, 2014 p. 1116). All options should be discussed with the patient before determining any set course of actions. Alternative therapies can include; dialysis, transplantation, and even palliative care (Hadley, 2014, p. 1116). With dialysis being the mainstay of management when the kidneys start to fail (stage 5,) different options should be discussed. With numerous dialysis centers and at home options being available the pros and cons of each should be carefully measured. Fresenius Medical Care has locations throughout Northern Colorado, including Greeley and Loveland. They
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Underdiaxonsied and undertreated it is a major concern for the aging population of the United States. One of the first steps is educating the public on early detection techniques and risk factor for developing CKD. High blood pressure and diabetes is a major contributor in developing the disease and thus high risk factor groups should be identified early. This way the individuals can begin implementing lifestyle changes that can not only decrease the rate of kidney function decline but improve it as well. Management of the disease focus on the major complications. Anemia, dyslipidemia, CKD-MBD, nutrition and cardiovascular are the forefront of the disease management. Management with not only medications, but lifestyle changes creates a holistic care plan specialized to each individual patient. By treating not CKD but the individual patient, outcomes will improve. Implementing the health care team as a whole will unify the strengths in modern medicine and thus relieve a huge financial burden that chronic kidney disease yields at a national and local
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