Chronic Kidney Disease : A Disease

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Chronic kidney disease Everglades University Gia Davis Dr. Cesar Irrazy Abstract Chromic Kidney Disease is a disease that affects 80 percent of the United States population. Though it may seem to come suddenly, it can be prevented and treated by monitoring what you put into the body and how the body functions. Also, knowing the different stages of the disease can help you recognize what is happening to the body and how to help it to recover. Many people are diagnosed with Kidney Disease but few know or understand how they get it, how to treat it, and how to prevent family members from getting it. Chronic Kidney Disease causes many diseases when not approached with suitable knowledge and care. Chronic Kidney Disease can be treated and prevented by both Western and Eastern medicinal methods. In order to learn how to treat this disease, you must first gain an understanding of what the urinary system is, how it functions, and which causes lead to failure of the kidneys. The urinary system is made up of six organs: the two kidneys, two ureters, the urinary bladder, and the urethra. Each plays a role in excreting toxins out the body through urination. The urinary system excretes a board variety of metabolic wastes, toxins, drugs, hormones, salts, hydrogen ions, and water out of the body. In the urinary system the main focus are the kidneys. Although their primary role is excretion, they play more roles than commonly recognized. The kidneys
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