Chronic Medical Condition : Asthma

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Assessment 2

Written Assignment

Chronic medical condition: Asthma

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This assignment will explore and discuss asthma through the insight of a ten year old asthma patient Miss B. Miss B’s description of asthma will be defined whilst aligning this to current literature. Patient care treatment plans will be discussed according to the New Zealand health system, this will be contrasted to what support Miss B receives in her local community. Current New Zealand best practice guidelines in the primary health care setting will be discussed, and its limitations explored. Pharmacological interventions in this setting will be analysed and discussed according to low acuity presentations. Miss B’s situation will be discussed as will shortcomings of the health care system in relation to asthma. Suggestions for improvement of Miss B’s quality of life will be explored. Current New Zealand health promotion strategies according to asthma will also be explored and discussed.

Asthma description
Asthma can be describes as a chronic inflammatory disease of the lower airways. The associated chronic inflammation due to hypersensitivity or exercise leads to narrowing of the lower airways. This leads to persistent symptoms like shortness of breath, chest tightness, wheezing, and coughing. Asthma attacks are generally present as widespread airflow
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