Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Caused by Smoking

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However, it can be managed and the patient, HA, has a prescription for two types of drugs to help control the condition, Tiotropium to help open the airways of the lungs and Salbutamol which is a quick reliever. The symptoms of the disease don’t usually show up until later in life usually shown in people in their late 30s onwards. So many patients don’t realise they have the disease until the disease has progressed a bit. The disease only gets progressively worse with time and the best way to prevent further deterioration of the disease is to quite smoking. The pharmacist is important in making sure the patient understands how to take their medication effectively as well as offering any additional services for their condition. The pharmacist can also help the patient make any beneficial lifestyle changes. However, the most important role of the pharmacist is to offer advice to the patient and should be a source of information that the patient can use to acask any questions or queries they have on their condition, medication or any services they may be interested in.

The nature of the condition (847 words):
The main function of the lungs is to allow gas exchange, where oxygen is inspired from the air and carbon dioxide is expired. There are two lungs in the body, a left lung and a right lung. These lungs are made up of many small sacs known as alveoli, which is…
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