Chronic Pain Awareness. Tanner Brown. Introduction. I)“Pain

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Chronic Pain Awareness Tanner Brown Introduction I) “Pain is weakness leaving the body” is a quote used by many including the marine corps. II) It is important to be aware of chronic pain so that we can have an understanding of people who are experiencing chronic pain, instead of being dismissive and presumptuous of those people experiencing it. III) I personally have chronic pain due to my back injury from workouts for middle school football, and I have been managing the pain for over ten years. IV) Today I will inform you about chronic pain and I will give you an understanding of why most people with chronic pain act and react the ways that they do. V) The points that I will be focusing on will be what chronic pain is, including its…show more content…
(a) In addition to those symptoms, feelings of discomfort, soreness, tightness, or stiffness. According to E) Chronic pain’s possible nonphysical effects are: stress, low mood, difficulty with memory or concentration, anxiety, irritability, frustration, depression, anger and guilt. It can also have an impact on sleep, activity levels, roles and responsibilities, work, relationships, socializing, recreation and finances. 1) All of which can intensify pain, making it worse. Transition: Now knowing the fundamentals of chronic pain, it is equally important, if not more so, to know how to get treatment and manage chronic pain. II) Even though chronic pain is usually permanent there are some treatments and possible solutions, sometimes requiring the combination of several approaches. A) Physical Therapy is the safest treatment which includes exercising, stretching, and using heat and stem, which electrically stimulates your nerves involved in the pain. B) Cognitive Behavioral Therapists, Psychiatrists, and/or Psychologists are sometimes seen because it can be beneficial in addressing how one should cope and manage their stress. C) Medications are very effective in immediate relief, although there are a wide variety of medications which may take some time to find most suitable for each patient on a case by case basis. D) Surgery is usually the last resort because it does not always offer relief and it can even potentially cause

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