Essay on Chronic Pressure Ulcers

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Pressure Ulcers When we find an enclosed damage to our skin as well as tissue that is usually over the skeletal protuberance caused by some sort of pressure, we call it a pressure ulcer. This may be caused by some sort of pressurized rubbing or cut. This type of ulcer is of chronic type that inherently carries impaired healing at physiological level. In this paper I am going to discuss the prevention measures of this ulcer and treatment options. Williams, 1992 states that pressure ulcer occurs where there is poor level of nursing care for a long term basis but it is also found with hospitals that offer severe care. We know that a sore healing needs conditions of dietary aspects and it can be reversed. There have been several studies made…show more content…
We cannot say for sure if it is totally preventable. Thomas 2001 mentions that in case of forceful prevention of pressure ulcer we get the so called floor effect in action. Yes, it can be reduced to a level but it is not guaranteed that it will not occur. We may get more data about the floor effect condition as there have been experiments of forbidden trails to see the effects of preventable measures. Pressure ulcer may be caused by poor quality care but this is not the cause for every case. For some patients the pressure ulcer can be prevented at an early stage of illness. The patients may be educated how to prevent the ulcer. Relieving of pressure, use of dietary nutrition and avoidance of too much bed rest can prevent pressure ulcer in many cases. In any healthcare scenario pressure ulcer has been a concern for the nurses. Magnan 2009 comments that prevention of pressure ulcer has become a serious issue since the new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid policy came. Nurses cannot sit back and wait for improved interventions for pressure ulcers. They may need to modify the existing safety evaluation for pressure ulcer, avoidance interference, avoidance planning, and assessment of outcomes. In fact, nurses have this freedom since 1970’s. So there is permission for the nurses to use any systematic procedure to make the present systems improved. They can do it while dealing with pressure ulcer. Unfortunately, there may be some negative
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