Chronic Procrastination : A Disappointing Life

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Chronic Procrastination = A Disappointing Life
By Kara Lane | Submitted On June 26, 2011

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Expert Author Kara Lane
Everyone procrastinates sometimes. We start doing this as children. If a child doesn 't want to go to bed, what do they do? Tell you they need a drink of water, or they have to go to the bathroom, or they need to tell you something first. All are just forms of procrastination to avoid doing what they
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Lack of self-confidence: I 'm probably going to fail anyway, so why even bother starting?
Feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the task: It 's too hard; maybe I 'll start tomorrow.
Boredom: I don 't want to do it; I 'd rather go do something else.
Think of an area of your life where you have been procrastinating. It could be related to your health, your work, your finances, your relationships, or any other area where you have been putting off doing something you know you need to do. Do any of the reasons above apply to why you are procrastinating? If not, what is your reason? Awareness is the first step in changing our behaviors, so take the time to figure out why you are procrastinating.

Next, write down all the benefits that will come if you stop procrastinating and take action. For example, if you 've been procrastinating on losing weight, write down all the benefits you 'll receive if you lose weight. Don 't just include general comments, like I 'll look and feel better. Those are too vague to really motivate you. Go further and include specific benefits like, my husband will think I 'm hot, I 'll be able to fulfill my dream of running in a mini-marathon, and I 'll have the energy to play with my kids or grandkids. Paint a vivid picture of the benefits of taking action.

Then, write down all the consequences of continuing to procrastinate. Again, be very specific. Paint a really terrible picture of the worst-case scenario. If you 've been procrastinating
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