Chronicle I : Seven Dimension Of Health And Holism

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Chronicle I: Seven Dimension of Health and Holism
Diksha Pradhan

Health is not the mere absence of disease. Optimal health is a state of complete well being. When an individual comes to realization of the fullest potential of health and fulfill their role 's expectation, wellness is achieved. That being said, wellness is subjective and relative from person to person. There are seven dimension of wellness. It is important to balance all aspects in order reach optimal health. The dimension most people are familiar with is physical. It is the functioning of all eight body systems, and avoiding harm. The second dimension is psychological, the ability to feel and express the entire range of human emotions. Third is spiritual, the belief in
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However, I have been working on my social skills by participating in class more and improving my interacting skills. It has been a process, and will continue to be a lifelong process. Since switching my major to IHC and learning more about health, improving my health has been easier, and life has been more enjoyable. Knowledge of the dimensions of wellness has been a benefactor to this. Being educated on the history and background of medicine is beneficial. Looking at past philosophies can provide insight and understanding. The founder of conventional medicine is Rene Descartes, who believed the mind and body are separate. Isaac Newton 's principle also has a contribution. His view of nature as mechanical has reduced the body into “broken parts” that need to be “fixed.” Treatment is designed to reverse symptoms quickly. Albert Einstein 's theory of relativity linked traditional eastern medicine with biomedicine, which in turn introduces CAM. His study looks at matter and energy being interchangeable, since all matter interacts at a subatomic level through electron bonding. This gives the perspective that the body is a whole part. Things like thoughts and feelings affect daily living and ultimately, health. Thus giving a holistic approach to healing. After reflecting on conventional medicine 's perspective of healing,

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