Chronicle My Eight Week Journey As I Gave Up All Carbonated Beverages

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This paper will chronicle my eight week journey as I gave up all carbonated beverages. I will be discussing how I arrived at this decision and what were some of my thoughts/feelings during this process. This experience has taught me to look at addiction from a different point of view. How and why it was chosen Prior to the semester beginning Dr. Collier emailed the entire class the syllabus. As I read through the syllabus I came across the Abstinence Activity and Paper. While I was reading over the assignment, I began to think about what would I give up? I immediately began to think of different foods/drinks. It was at that moment Coke- a- Cola/soda came to mind. Coke was my go to beverage but if I couldn’t get coke I would settle…show more content…
During the entire eight weeks she was a great support. Whenever I verbalized wanting to drink soda she would say“ No you don’t drink water.” After a while I began adopted that saying whenever craving would arise. Next, I told my roommate who conveyed a sense of respect. She communicated her love for soda and she is not sure if she could stop drinking it cold turkey. She even took her support on step further by not buying soda in the house. She did not tell she was doing this until half way through the semester, but this served to be a great help. I did not have to worry about the temptation of soda at home. Lastly, I told my co workers. I did not go into much personal detail about my struggles with soda. I just simply explained to them the logic behind us having to give something up and how it will help me with clients later on. My Director and Assistant Director thought it was an interesting approach. However, it was my student staff that took a interest in my sobriety. A week would not go by without one of them asking how was it going. They would help me think of other things to drink while at work and if they were grabbing lunch for the office they made sure my drink was non carbonated and not soda. This was unexpected to me. I did not think they would for one support
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