Chronicle Of A Death Foretold By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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There is a common misconception that one can know where someone is from or what they have gone through by knowing their current social location or address. This could not be further from the truth. There is always a story within a story that is waiting to be told. A story that may not be apparent to the public or even those closest to the person in question. Living in a nation like Latin America, Latin American experience this more often than not they must claim a mistaken identity that does not include American. In saying this many people that are from Latin America are cast out and seen as other by traditional American citizens in the world. However often this may happen, Latin Americans are indeed American. Dealing with this…show more content…
This can be seen in the writing styles of Borges and Marquez. This time has passed with the introduction of stories like the House on Mango Street the life of a Latino/a is on on full display to the world. In her story Cisneros use colorful language to express what it is like for her in Our America. This can be seen in her vignette The house on Mango Street. Her she confesses that this is not the house she had been promised “ it is not the way they told us at all, it is small and red with tight stairs in the front with windows so small you would think they were holding their breath” (Cisneros,2009,p.4). This was in stark contrast she was told that “her” house would be one with a yard and no fence in the front. In her writing Cisneros speak of this new and different place as though it has promise for her. In contrast to her hope Latin American author Jose Marti states that “that land for them, go and live with the English during the years when he saw the English marching against his own land? These incroyables who drag their honor across foreign soil, like the incroyables of the French Revolution, dancing, smacking their lips, and deliberately slurring their
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