Chronicle Of A Death Foretold By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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The novella Chronicle of a Death Foretold, a journalistic account of a historical murder, is written by author Gabriel García Márquez. Continually through his career “Garcia Marquez employs journalistic writing techniques in his fiction, and particularly in Chronicle of a Death Foretold in order to produce a seemingly more authentic and credible work”( Gardener 3-4). This particular novel reads as if it is fictional. However, readers are interested to know that the account is based on a factual event. It is based on an event involving some of the authors closest friends thirty years before the novel’s date of publication. It is believed to be “A perfect integration of literature and journalism”(Gardener 1). Marquez tells readers he uses journalism because it “‘help[s] maintain contact with reality, which is essential to literature’” (Gardener 1). It also teases readers with suspense and an anachronistic timeline.

The journalistic style of Garcia Marquez “consists of some features that give specific characteristics to his literary discourse” (Aghaei 2). One interesting aspect of his style is that the “voice” of the person presenting the story is shown through the narration. This is an aspect that “appears to conform to the journalistic style of narration that is commonly characterized as the ‘what, who, when, where whom, how and why’ technique”(Aghaei 13). This allows factual details to be introduced within the novel so that the reader is able to feel connected as if…
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