Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Point Of View Analysis

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In the novella Chronicle of a Death Foretold, the author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, uses the element point of view supported by certain motifs to portray society and how its gender roles affect the narration. The author’s choice in doing so is important simply because the novella is based on a real life story which occurred in Sucre, Colombia, in 1951, where he had lived. The incident happened while Gabriel Garcia Marquez was in college studying journalism, just like the narrator of the novel. Marquez happened to know some of the people involved, which gave the novella more significance. In the mid twentieth century, Colombian culture had various aspects due to its diversity and how society had evolved while still containing traditional…show more content…
Who the narrator is and where he stands in the social environment of their community allows the author to create magical realism as well. The genre of magical realism is what enriches the sense of time and helps the narrator tell the story after his return to unfold the truth of it all. This is shown through Santiago’s dreams, “He’d dreamed he was going through a grove of timber trees where a gentle drizzle was falling,...”(pg. 3) the narrator states that Santiago’s mother's interpretations of dreams had earned her a reputation, “but she hadn't noticed any ominous augury in those two dreams of her son’s, or in the other dreams of trees he’d described to her on the morning preceding his death.” (pg. 4) Reminiscing on the past events and the misinterpretation of the dreams led the narrator to later say “Nor did Santiago Nasar recognize the omen.” (pg. 4) as if he wished that Santiago could’ve noticed the foreshadowing created by the dream. A motif that was mostly connected to the accusation of Santiago Nasar deflowering Angela Vicario was honor; however, that motif is essential to the narrator's purpose as well. The narrator attempts to restore Santiago’s honor after it is stripped due to his murder and clouded by the misconceptions of reality. This connotation is made after his statement, ”...when I returned to this forgotten village, trying to put the broken mirror of memory back together from so many scattered shards.” (pg.6) The

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