Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Research Paper

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Throughout today’s presentation, the similarities between Gabriel Marquez and William Faulkner and their use of magical realism, as well as the use of a cyclical timeline, made the novella “Chronicle of a Death Foretold” more coherent in meaning, intention, and structure.
As the presenters highlighted, they made clear that the entire book’s structure revolves around magical realism - two brothers committed murder, and most of the town either turned the other cheek, or suggested that the twins finish the deed. Marquez in this sense normalized the outrageous, and therefore followed the very foundations of magical realism itself. Also, previously unbenounced to the audience, Gabriel Marquez was heavily influenced by the works of William Faulkner. Both wrote on the seldomly reported, including …show more content…

Marquez presents the climax and its details within the first ten pages of the book, but the details of the hours leading up to said event become slowly disclosed as the plot goes on. Time moves freely, in the author’s style of writing, and therefore the mystery book does not follow the same structure as a classic mystery, but still leaves the readers asking countless questions after the book’s end. The presentation very clearly relayed this information, creating connections between this format and Marquez’s career as a journalist, making the once confusing timeline easier to understand.
Overall, this fantastic presentation aided in my understanding of the very objective aspects of the book in a much clearer fashion. As they divulged into the relationship between Marquez and Faulkner, the cyclical timeline, and the inherent use of magical realism, the plot of the book became more obvious, almost entirely removing the cloudy-window aspect of reading the novella for the first time. I found myself genuinely interested in what the presenters had to say. Stellar project, and stellar

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