Chronicle of a Death Foretold Essay

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold

In Chronicle of a Death Foretold, the narrator tells us that two people were responsible for the death of Santiago Nasar, however the narrator is wrong. Ignorance killed Santiago Nasar. There are three specific townsfolk responsible for the murder; Leandro Pornoy, Divina
Flor, and Colonel Lazaro Aponte. Each of these three people had an equal opportunity to stop the murder; however each person’s ignorance caused them to fail in their duty as a fellow citizen. It was their duty after they heard of the Vicario brothers’ plot to kill Santiago
Nasar to do whatever was necessary to stop the murder; however none of them took enough initiative to prevent the murder from happening. I say enough because
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He passed on the news to the Colonel, and that was it. One must ask themselves how a policeman, notified of intent to kill, could fail to perform a relevant act to stop the brothers the way Leandro did. The policeman had no motive for not acting on the brothers; rather he was too ignorant to take them seriously. Like others in the town, he had no interest in the activities of two drunken brothers openly admitting to their plot.

Divina Flor, another townswoman who knew of the brother’s plot, let her personal issue with Santiago get in the way of her duty as a citizen of the town. Santiago’s father, Ibrahim, had an affair with
Divina’s mother, Victoria Guzman. However, the affair turned into a love/hate relationship when the affection was over. Victoria knew
Divina was destined for Santiago, but she did not want to let that happen. “He was just like his father, a shit,” (10). This hatred for the men of the Nasar family was passed on to Divina. “She had so much repressed rage the morning of the crime……to embitter Santiago Nasar’s breakfast” (10). This personal hatred was the direct cause of
Santiago’s death. When Santiago came running to his front door with the Vicario brothers in chase, the door was locked. Just minutes before, Santiago’s mother was in a frenzy after she heard what was going to happen to Santiago. However, Divina “calmed her down” by telling her that Santiago had gone up to his room just a minute ago.
“I locked it
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