Chronological Age And Functional Age

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Late adulthood is portrayed in prints, TV and other popular media from various perspectives. In general, they are depicted as wise, stubborn, love to give advice, have difficulty performing regular physical activities, some are even in wheelchairs or using assisted canes, and have lots of stories to tell. It 's the period of time when people are supposed to become slower, to get more obsessive, needy, and look confused most of the time. However, this period has interesting facts to educate each and every one of us. We are all going to get there, one way or another. Chronological age vs functional age Everyone grows and ages differently. That is why chronological age is a flawed tool to use to check a person’s functional age. There is a vast variation between chronological age and functional age. Chronological age is essentially a person 's biological age, while functional age is used to dictate "the actual competence and performance of an individual". For example, a 70-year-old can actually appear younger than a 55-year-old (Berk 443). Life Expectancy Chronological age doesn 't show an accurate functional age because people age at different rates. The average life expectancy is the number of years that a person can expect to live based on his birth year and the region he lives in. Over the years, there have actually been dramatic raise in the average life expectancy. Qualities in lifespan varies followed: -A nation 's efficient housing, health care, social services,
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