Chronological Record of Various Acts that were Implemented for Persons with Mental Illness

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The Indian Judicial System is described as a system which is partly a continuation of the legal system, established by the British and follows a structure which is a combination of American Legal System and the British Legal System. It follows a hierarchical construction in the order of the court with Supreme Court (SC) at the top, followed by the High Court (HC), further followed by the District Courts (DC). The Indian Judicial System is an independent entity, which does not fall under the control of the government and its various branches. The treatment of persons with mental illness has been documented in the ancient Ayurvedic texts, but introduction of a separate institution for the sole purpose of the care of the mentally ill is a…show more content…
This Act intended to do away with the discriminations that were present in the previous Act with respect to sharing of benefits in relation to non-disabled persons. It also aimed at putting a stop on abuse and exploitation of persons with disability (PWD). It required the government to carry out inclusive development plans that would help in the integration of PWD in social mainstream. Under this, mental retardation and mental illness are categorized as conditions of disabilities. Therefore, person with mental illness were eligible for the benefits available to persons with disability. After this came the National Trust Act, 1999; this was enacted for the welfare of persons with autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and multiple disabilities. The Act aimed to empower these people and make it possible for them to live as independently as possible and live closely and within the community they belong to so that they can have equal access to the various opportunities, further enabling them to protect their rights . In 2006, India with many other countries signed the United Nations Convention for Rights of Persons with Disabilities- 2006 (UNCRPD, 2006). These countries were to reshape their laws in accord to the requirements of UNCPRD. The UNCPRD was adopted by the parliament of India in May, 2008. This saw a major change taking place with respect to the social welfare of

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