Essay on Chronology in Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood

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In Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood the author writes the entire book, overall, in chronological order. Specifically in chapter two, “Persons unknown”, Capote begins the chapter with the events that happened one after another. As the chapter progresses Capote goes into more specific details and sometimes even goes back into time to give us, the readers, a more thorough understanding. In page 85, in the last paragraph, Capote goes into more details on how K.B.I members have nicknames. The author did this so we can have more of an insight on a K.B.I member’s life. He even gives us the nicknames for all the members that were going to be working in the Clutter case. For example, Duntz K.B.I’s name is “Old Man”. On the following page, Page 87, …show more content…
Dewey becomes more restless and is taking calls at one am because of the Clutter case; overall it has changed his daily routines completely. On page 107, Capote wrote on what Perry and Dick were doing in the mountains and their conversation about how Perry couldn’t believe what he had done. In the next section of the book Capote gave the readers a more specific description on what happened. This is the first time we get to know more about Perry and his family. Perry confessed that he “think there must be something wrong with us”. He is referring to his family since his mother was an alcoholic and had strangles herself to death, his sister jumped out of a window and his brother killed his wife and himself. All this information given to us at this particular section of the book caused a shift in the structure of his writing but created a more suspense to his writing. It showed the readers how important that section was and helped us understanding the tension in between the characters, Perry and Dick. They began to argue if Perry really did kill someone and you can tell that Perry doesn’t know what to say and Dick doesn’t believe it anyway. The conversation gets really heated and creates huge suspense on what might occur. From pages 125-130 Capote includes a document that was given to Perry from his father. The author included this piece of information to this piece of
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