Chronology of Rizal's Travels

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⎈ Rizal traveled abroad to continue and complete his medical degree. ⎈ For his secret mission. It was to observe keenly the European life, culture, languages and customs, industries and commerce, and its governments and laws.

May 3, 1882

Barcelona, Spain

November 3, 1882

Madrid, Spain

He matriculated at the Universidad Central de Madrid. Rizal visited the Laennec Hospital, to observe how Dr. Nicaise treated his patients. He again visited Dr. Nicaise, who showed him the technique of operation. He visited the Lariboisiere Hospital, here; he observed the examination of the different diseases of women. Rizal enrolled in Universidad
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December 6, 1888


Rizal received the news that in spite his opposition, he was elected director of the new newspaper. He was the only candidate who met less adversaries. With this outcome, he planned to go to Madrid to see the members of the Filipino Colony.

December 11, 1888

Madrid and Barcelona, Spain

He went to Spain, visiting Madrid and Barcelona. He contacted his compatriots and surveyed the political situation with regards to the agitation for the Philippine reforms. For the first time, he met Marcelo H. Del Pilar and Mariano Ponce. ⎈ Rizal sent a letter to be read before the reunited Filipinos in Madrid, animating them to do something worthy for the country. He reaffirmed his loyalty to the association and his desire to think and feel with the members, to dream, to want, and to plan something good for the country. ⎈ Asociacion La Solidaridad (Solidaridad Association), was inaugurated and Rizal was chosen as the honorary president. Shortly after New Year, Rizal made a brief visit to London. It may be in two reasons:

December 31, 1888


January 1889


⎈ To check up his annotated edition of Morga's Sucesos with the original copy in the British Museum and ⎈ To see Getrude Beckett for the last time. ⎈ Rizal's Second Sojourn in Paris. ⎈ To attend at the Universal Exposition of Paris which opened on May 6, 1889. ⎈ Published

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