Chrysler : An American Automobile Manufacturer

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Introduction Chrysler is an American automobile manufacturer. Its headquarters are situated in Michigan and it is part of the “Big Three” American automobile manufacturers. The Chrysler Corporation was founded in 1928 and expanded into Europe in the 1960’s. In 2009 Chrysler was on the brink of liquidation and Fiat purchased the remaining 41% of Chrysler’s shares to save them from this. Over the next few years, Fiat gradually acquired the other parties’ shares to take majority ownership of the company. Chrysler’s “Global Diversity strategy includes components that will help create and sustain a diverse and inclusive work environment and build the type of strong connections that will help them succeed in the multicultural marketplace”…show more content…
In this report I aim to analyze and compare the motives and strategic operations of US and European car manufacturers that have recently set up production plants in Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific regions. Emerging markets A nation’s economy that is progressing toward becoming advanced is an emerging market. Emerging markets have much lower market efficiency and less strict standards in almost all aspects of business. This is so that they can be on par with developed economies like the US, Europe and Japan. The majority of the world population lives in emerging markets which means the world population is moving from the basic need era to a more consumption oriented era. This has attracted new consumers of products and services to these emerging markets which has made them huge consumption hubs. A lot of firms are now looking to capitalize on these opportunities and move business operations to these markets (Ayub Khan). Emerging markets often experience faster economic growth as measured by GDP and investors seek emerging markets for the prospect of high returns. However, these markets come with greater risk due to political instability, currency volatility and many other problems. The four largest emerging economies are the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). The next five largest markets are South Korea, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey and
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