Chub N ' Stub : Executive Summary

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Chub n’ Stub

Executive Summary
Chub n’ Stub redefines the online event ticket sales industry by switching the focus from profits to customer enjoyment. Now customers will have the ability to purchase tickets for previously sold out shows for a price lower than the recommended retail price. With the advancements of technology and the growing online market for concert ticket sales we believe our service will be very desirable to customers of all ages, all around the globe.
Company Overview

Chub n’ Stub will be a virtual marketplace dedicated to the reselling of unwanted concert tickets.
The mission statement of Chub n’ Stub is to allow consumers to regain value from their unwanted concert tickets.
The vision statement of Chub n’ Stub is
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All proprietary information collected by Chub n’ Stub will be encrypted and protected. Chub n’ Stub are prepared to protect the customer’s proprietary rights and guarantee that none of the data collected will be stored for malicious purposes.

Market and Industry Analysis
Chub n’ Stub belongs to the online ticket event sales industry. The Online Ticket Event Sales industry includes internet retailers that sell tickets to live events. Ticketed events include concerts, sporting events, live theatre, fairs and festivals. This industry also includes online ticket resellers.
The customers of Chub n’ Stub are music-loving concert goers from all corners of the globe and of all age groups (as shown in the chart to the right, the market for online ticket event sales is not heavily dominated by one age group). Due to Chub n’ Stub’s services being used by consumers and operated almost exclusively online through both the website and the smartphone application, Chub n’ Stub can be used by customers globally.
The Online Event Ticket Sales industry has grown rapidly amid a large shift from physical ticket sale to a fully digitized online ticketing experience. Over the past half-decade, the disposable incomes of consumers have grown alongside the music industry 's continued shift toward live performances and shows. The ease of online shopping, particularly through mobile wallets, online banking, cryptocurrency and digital ticketing, has

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