Chunking In Patient Education

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For school work, I usually try to limit myself to scholarly articles. But for this assignment I chose an article that stood out to me for its ability to relay important health information in an accessible way. For the last two weeks in my classes, we have been discussing topics that are fraught with misunderstanding, fear, and misinformation. I was struck by how many of my classmates were unfamiliar with the content. As an RN student, I have learned that patient education is mainly the responsibility of the nurse; and finding methods to teach important topics without overwhelming the patient is vital to promote health and safety. Chunking in patient education, relaying small but specific pieces of information, allows one to digest the key points that are needed without losing focus among all the intricate details. This article does just that.…show more content…
For me these facts aren’t weird, but rather the information we have tried to learn and will teach patients. Heart health is something most people don’t really think about until it is very damaged. So many people are diagnosed with elevated cholesterol or blood pressure but are unwilling to take corrective action because they do not have any symptoms… yet. Two of the facts listed are likely surprising to people but are true: your heart is smaller than a soda can and it needs to pump blood through 60,000 miles of vessels. That is a huge amount of distance to force liquid by such a little machine. Now add high cholesterol and high blood pressure. How is it possible for such a massive system to be inside of every single
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