Church And The Church Of God

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As a child, I was taught by numerous Sunday-School teachers that there was a difference between the church and The Church. Their distinction was that the church consisted of a building and worship space while The Church consisted of the Body of Christ. I was also taught that the Holy Spirit lived in me, and that because of this, I was a temple of God. Now, after studying and learning more about what scriptures say about church, I believe that the Body of Christ is more important than any building or house. I believe that church is communion and that its purpose is to showcase God’s light to the world. I believe that any act, word, song, or gift that does this conducts church. Just as Act 2:42-47 describes, I believe church should focus on community with one another and praising God with “gladness and simplicity of heart.” I believe that community is a crucial aspect of church because Jesus describes The Church as being made up of apostles, prophets, evangelists, and pastors and teachers (New King James Version, Ephesians 4. 11-13). I believe that Jesus emphasized this because He wanted His disciples to realize that although they were all separate people with different talents, communion with God meant communion with each other. I do not believe that God created us for a solitary relationship with Him, I think that we were created to worship together. I also believe that The Church includes anything that praises God. I believe that God created us to “proclaim the praises…
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