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This interview will assess the participates input relative to historical or theological issues impacting the church. Special attention and analysis will be gathers in the areas of historical impacts, worship ramifications, and theological challenges for the 21st century. In this interview three major categories will be analysis: historical, theological, and ministry – philosophy will sum up this project.

Category One: Historical Questions
1. How would you describe your church?
Does the committee tend to define itself by its past, or is it excited about dreams for the future? Do the core values look inward or outward? Rick Ezell, pastor of Naperville (Illinois) Baptist Church, believes it's similar to describing an individual: "I can say, 'I'm tall, but I'd like to be taller. I'm growing, but I'm not growing like I should.' I'm listing a lot of negative
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Why was the church started?
Was the church born out of a split? "Even if its 100 years old," says Leroy Armstrong, pastor of Greater Good Hope Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky, "there's a good possibility that through the generations since the split, that spirit of fighting might still be in the church."
3. What is this church's purpose?
Have they defined its mission? Does it have a well-thought-out strategy?
4. What is your unique role in this community?
What sets this church apart from other churches in terms of character, culture, and staff? What specific people groups does it reach out to, or what specific ministries does it operate that no other church in this community does?

5. How would a neighbor around the church portray this congregation?
"When I asked this of one search committee, a couple of guys looked at me like, 'Why would you want to know that?'" said John Beukema of the Village Church in Western Springs, Illinois. "That told me a bundle about them. They were not thinking about outreach."
6. What is this church's theology?
Does the church have a commitment to follow Jesus Christ as
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