Leadership Structures Used By FBC Bossier City

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As a Christian the best leadership structure for the body of believers we have was given to use by Jesus Christ. He taught us how to love (God with all our heart) and who to love (thy neighbor), which results in us being better leaders. Naturally, each church reads the same scripture but interprets it differently and has a different leadership style as a result of that. Three church’s constitutions in particular will be the subject of discussion. I will compare and contrast the leadership structures of the three, list positives and negatives, interpret what I see the preferred church leadership structure and interpret what the constitution reveals about each church.

FBC Bossier City

This the only church constitution out of the three with a leadership team that is designed specifically for handling church matters that aren’t related to the spiritual oversight. This leadership structure is led by the key figure the pastor; he has the power to ordain those. The pastor is the chief and al things go through him if they happen in the church he is preceding over. Reading this constitution, I quickly noticed how it had a feel as if the pastor was the C.E.O of a fortune 500 company. Some of the things like the leadership team and the requirements of the pastor really gave the impression that this church was being ran more than an organization, a very tight
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Then the Pastor is the human head of the church, the other office is the deacon and they work with one another. The pastor preaches and teaches and the deacon is to serve the pastor and the church in various capacities. In this preferred structure the congregation has a great deal of authority but in certain situations the pastor has the final say so. In my mind congregational is the most efficient structure with a humble leadership who has high character and very
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