Church Leadership : The Key Community Of People

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Relationships hold the keys to success Church leadership, along with teams that are sent to the mission field should work together in identifying what needs to be done for the particular community of people. A relevant example of critical caring was in a local church body. The Worship Experience team, made up of a 200+ member choir, had clearly identified a group within this church community that would care for one another in satisfying common goals, and to accomplish the task of helping people get through tough times. While there was a general fund of money to help with occasional supermarket gift cards, this critical care group was charged with building relationships to find out real needs. When an actual couple was having hospital-related illnesses among each family member, they didn’t necessarily need money—rather someone to help clean their house and do much-needed loads of laundry. Implementing solutions are where most people get stuck. Whether leading by example in a local church choir, or shepherding a mission’s team into Juarez, Mexico takes courage and the willingness to take a risk. All people are capable of changing the world, but before taking that step we need to start with ourselves and change our own world—pushing past our fears and living toward goals in our lives that are guided by God’s purpose. In his book Wide Awake, Erwin McManus explains what is standing between our future and us. It’s fear. Putting our fears to sleep and living ‘wide awake’ to start
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