Church Leadership and Ministry Evaluation Paper

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CHMN 201-B09
Date: June 16, 2013
Church Leadership and Ministry Evaluation Paper

For this paper, I had the honor of evaluating Minister Anthony Thornton of Committed to Christ International Ministries, Milwaukee WI. While in his early 40’s, Minister Thornton’s conversion came about when he was incarcerated, due to the consequences of living a life addicted to drugs and alcohol. During a prison ministry visit, he and many other inmates were able to receive the word of God. After a couple of sessions with the pastor of Committed to Christ International Ministries, Minister Thornton received Christ into his life. Today Minister Thornton has acquired a Master’s degree in Biblical Theology, and is currently teaching Sunday school, along
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It humbled me. I told my friend that he too can share the same saving grace. I told him that if he believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, he can be delivered just like I was. Moreover, I reminded him that we both were cut from the same cloth, and I was no better than he was. This gift of salvation is just as much his, as it is mine.
3. How specifically does the Holy Spirit help guide you as you lead/serve in your ministry? Also, can you give a specific example of how you were able to clearly recognize that the Holy Spirit was helping/guiding you in dealing with a particular situation and/or decision while in your ministry? What advice would you give me that, if I obeyed, would assure me that I would be able to be guided by the Holy Spirit in my life and/or ministry? Because He is a helper and not a hinderer. He is my comforter when I am unsure of how to carry on. He helps me to pray accurately, and effectively. He gives me utterance in a language that only God recognizes, thus bypassing my doubtful mind and lack of understanding. When I allow Him, He gives me the words I speak, choices I make, who I will marry, and how I make, and spend my money. Many scriptures come to mind that speaks clearly about direction. One in specific, (Romans 8:14) “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God.” It was by the power of the Holy Spirit that I made the conscious decision to surrender my life to Christ. There was a witnessing
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