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The meeting was about the City of Commission of Deland on March six, at seven pm. First, starts discussing how people can address an agenda or an unattended issue that can be given to City Clerk at the proper time. Also, the meeting gives information on how later in the meeting they are going to explain a new resolution of the surplus of the house abandonment. Something very nice that they did at first is how they made a program called "Super Stars Students of the month" to reward kids for doing greats in school as a way trying to push them to become something important in the future, and not giving up their dreams. Not only had they rewarded the kids but also two employees who were great in services for a long time. As part of the introduction, they give the quarterly financial report prepared by Dan Stauffer, which basically shows that the City is doing well so far into each financial position.
The public comments were very professionally done as I saw there not many arguments into the agendas
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My conclusion with this meeting is that the city does take care of the opinion of the public as they try to explain the issue in a very clear matter; we could see that the city is trying to become better each day and trying to resolve the problems presented but again is something that the people has to have patience into knowing that these agendas take a long period into being analyzed, approved and executed. This meeting brought me back to what in class we been discussing on how a policy is being made and how it first needs to have a solid argument so it could be approved. So far I never expected for this meet to go very coordinated and smoothly as sometimes is normal for the argument from the public but in this case that was not the
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