Church and Dwight Case Analysis Essay

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Church and Dwight Case Analysis

Church & Dwight Co., Inc., founded in 1846, is the world's leading producer of sodium bicarbonate, popularly known as baking soda, a natural product which cleans, deodorizes leavens and buffers. The Company's Arm & Hammer brand is one of the nation's most trusted trademarks for numerous consumer and specialty products. The company has multiple plants in United States and Brazil from where they export their product. Their subsidiary in Brazil also manufactures various inorganic chemicals, such as sodium sulfide, sodium sulfite, sodium metabisulfite, barium carbonate, barium sulfate and barium chloride. Church & Dwight consumer products can be broken into four categories: deodorizing and
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• Expand use of sodium bicarbonate-based products to meet demands for environmental safety.

• Potential medicinal (pharmaceutical) applications of sodium bicarbonate formulations.


• Competitors with greater marketing and financial strength entering the company's traditional markets.

• Operations in many mature markets with limited growth potential.

• New or increased domestic production of the company's basic raw materials by other potential producers.

• penalizing reactions as the company enter into new consumer product markets.

• Potential substitutes for current products.

Potential strategies Church & Dwight

• Continue to follow the family branding line extension strategy in order to introduce new products such as skin care, soaps, mouthwashes, lotions, and antacids in order to gain increased market exposure and economies of scale. Recent launches of products such as chewing gum with baking soda are testing this strategy.

• Expand the limited advertising program for current niche market products to retain and gain market share.

• Promote products carrying the ARM & HAMMER logo as being environmentally safe.

• Direct resources to testing and developing new brands to lessen dependence on the ARM & HAMMER brand due to the possibility of loss of its present customer appeal.

• Since the company's consumer products are competing in
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