Cia Interrogations And Torture Methods

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Name Tutor Course Date CIA interrogations and torture methods The Central Intelligence Agency popularly known as the CIA is an intelligence service body of the USA that was formed in 1947 after the signing of the National Security Act by Harry S. Truman who was the US president at that time. The agency is mandated with collecting, processing and analyzing information regarding national security from all over the world through the use of human intelligence. The agency has no function in the domestic law enforcement but it basically focuses on collection of information overseas. CIA is the sole agency that is allowed to carry out and oversee covert action, unless the president is convinced that there is more potential in another agency.…show more content…
“Some aspect of the detention and interrogation of the al Qaeda suspects involved one of the suspects becoming unconscious while being put through the simulated drowning technique that is popularly known as water boarding. Another one of the suspects, died from being exposed to extreme cold shackled to the floor in what was later explained to be a dungeon. Other detainees’ injuries were allowed to deteriorate as part of interrogation and exposed to other psychological effects from interrogation including self-harm, hallucinations, paranoia and self-mutilation” (Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report, 116). Deprivation of sleep is employed frequently and is viewed as an important tool in enhancing interrogations. This is usually achieved through playing of loud music and white noise for 24 hours or more or by exposing the cells to immense cold deliberately to prevent the detainees from sleeping. Some of the detainees confessed of being deprived off sleep for up to 180 hours, which translates to almost a week. There is an instance where “some of the detainees with medical complications in their lower extremities, including two with broken feet, were placed in shackled standing positions for extended periods of time to induce sleep deprivation” (Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report, 56). Two al Qaeda detainees, Abu Hazim and Abd al-Karim, who sustained injuries while trying to escape capture are said to have been subjected to other
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