Cicadas Cannot Flys

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A Cicada is a bulky, red-eyed insect. The cicadas are good at clinging to tree trunks. The Cicadas makes screeching noises when they vibrate their bodies. The Cicada feed on sap from trees and brood from the ground every 13-17 years. Also, they are not good at flying. A new study show’s they cannot fly well because of the chemistry in their wings. In the new study, John Gullion and his dad Terry Gullion studied the Cicadas and their wings. After researching veins and the membrane they found out the Cicada has a hard time flying because of their heavy wings. They Heavy wings are caused by the fibrous substance called Chitin. Chitin is a hard outer shell and is part of the exoskeleton. The Gullions found chitin in both the veins and the
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