Cicero And Cicero : The Importance Of Poetry

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The study of many subjects are acquired and established by the use of instruction, teaching, and skill. We learn things through time and can get a better understanding and gain value from them. This can provide many positive things for a person. Cultural pursuits like poetry are also important and can benefit all in society. Cicero argues that this takes talent and is not the same as other subject, which can be studied and worked at. This takes more self-control and restraint. He believes the poet Archias has this talent and is therefore important to society. He believes that nature has given the poet an inspired mind. I think that nature can be inspiring and influence the poet and the work he does. These things should be admired as they can move and influence culture. Cicero is defending this poet by showing how great of a man he is and how he should be honored for this. Poetry can proclaim the deeds of the Roman Republic and other members that have helped the Republic. Cicero believes that he should be viewed as holy because of what his poetry and works has does for Rome. Society can find refreshment and relief from the struggles of life through poetry and other similar arts. I think that poetry can be inspired by many different things in the world and that may even include divine inspiration. I agree that there can be a special power behind poetry and can be inspired as if by a divine spirit.

Roman politics involves two general groups according to Cicero, the populares

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