Cicero On Duty Essay

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Cicero’s definition of duty is a term in which in this course, is far reached than what we would have ever thought duty would stand for. Defining duty can be said to be a commitment or obligation to someone or something that causes them to pursue a certain action. Duty is split into two parts which consist of dealing with what is the “supreme” good and second, practicing rules which are strictly regulated in all means of daily life. Another classification of duties are duties which are middle or complete. Complete duty is link to being what is “right”. Middle duty is the reasoning behind why has it been done. When Cicero writes about individual activism we consider the duties that are honorable and dishonorable. What is honorable or…show more content…
Other principles is that of carrying a great spirit. It would help you have courage in your actions and for that reason you will hold honor towards yourself. When Cicero writes about the reasons for why people have duties towards the public sphere he believes that the individual is part of the community. He contributes it all the to belief of Stoicism. Aristotelian is another close source in which we can speak about duties, but Cicero’s true belief was that virtues is key to duty. Stoicism is the school of thought that holds the belief that the only way we can make sense of our own existence is by devoting ourselves to virtues. People who follow this pathway believe that the majority things of daily life are stuff we can’t control, but yet we can contribute our life to society in a better way. Honor is another reason why individuals choose certain choices that lead you to be seen as a noble person in your society. The wide picture is seen towards how the community sees the individuals actions according to the standards in which have been placed. It doesn't seem like an individual would ever perform a duty if honor wasn't the reward. An individual who doesn’t care for much pleasure would mostly likely seek out honor in the public sphere. In conclusion Cicero comes up with the belief that the main stance on duty should always be honor, because honor is the only
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