Cider House Rules Essay

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The movie Cider House Rules involves many different characters that one can focus on, but the main character I want to focus on is Homer Wells, who is also the main character of the film. Now every character goes through many different situations and are faced with different obstacles that they must over come. Dr. Larch has to over come the ability to realize he is human, and how the board wants to replace him. Mr. Rose has to over come non-diligent workers, and conflicts with his daughter and keep a calm, flowing working environment. Candy Kendall has to deal with her husband Wally Worthington being away fighting for the United States in World War II. On the other side Wally has to deal with the loss of ability to use his legs and being…show more content…
But, it shows very little to make the viewer concentrate on Homer, which allows other emphasis to be put on other characters.      Page 2 When Wally visits we learn that Homer has a heart disease or dysfunction so this maybe part of the reason that Homer is a very slow and enunciating talker. When he gets excited or shows emotion he doesn't take it over the edge, he keeps his composure at all times. So you can say that Homer is calm, cool, and collected. Homer has this way of giving sheepish smiles, and an aw-shucks way of presenting himself, that is a major appeal to the viewer and makes them fall in love with the young character.      Homer evolves a lot as the movie progresses also; he goes from the boyish gullible type to the independent intelligent man that he is in the end. While watching one single movie for the past 10 years or so, watching movies becomes and insationable love for Homer. Now he is mainly excited when he and Candy make their annual trip to the drive-in movie. Now they don't watch movies there, he just sits and stairs at the screen and imagines King-Kong on the giant screen. While all of this is going on, he doesn't get very giddy like you think a young adult would in the beginning of his new venture on life. I know I would be ecstatic.      While Homer falls in and out of
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