Cider House Rules

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The Cider House Rules The movie, The Cider House Rules, contains many different themes and elements that could have been interpreted several different ways depending on the person and their distinct preference. Some themes that are present within the movie include the dilemma of abortion, the destiny of oneself, and other minor themes. These others which are spoken of, are not necessarily main themes, but none-the-less remain pertinent and relevant to the way a movie-goer views this film. The debate was once dwelled upon in class concerning the appropriateness or the so-called necessity of certain portions of the film. These certain portions to which are being referred are as follows: first, the sex scene in the woods; and second, the…show more content…
A fully clothed woman does not develop the same conclusion that was first intended by Manet. In Classical art and in Renaissance art, nudity was relevant and useful to the expression of the idea that the creator was trying to convey. Time has not changed the relevance or usefulness of nude art. First, it must be stated that all nude art is not acceptable. Pornography and other forms should in no way be considered as meaningful art. There is a certain underlying intelligence that cannot be separated from nude art. Once this intelligence is removed, the nude art no longer holds any meaning or significance. As can be seen from the previous evidence and other examples not mentioned, there are certain patterns that art and artists have been following throughout the past years. One of the present examples of the pattern is Cider House Rules. During the movie, there are two minor scenes which present seemingly questionable material and which hold no meaning, but this is not the case. The first scene, that needs clarification, is the sex scene in the woods. This scene involved the two characters, Homer, played by Toby Macguire, and Candy, played by Charlize Theron. The second scene, that also needs some clarification, was when Candy was laying on the bed only covered by a sheer white sheet. Being sheer, the sheet allowed the viewer to see the complete naked figure of Candy. Some critics said that these scenes did not
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