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Cielo Caldelas Mrs. Gallos English III Honors 6 April 2017 Prevention of Child Hunger Many children in this world suffer everyday in very different ways. Suffering ways could be the loss of shelter or having a very chronic disease. “We could start with hunger and malnutrition, which kill 3.1 million children under the age of five every year” (McGowan 8). Hunger is considered one of those ways and also causes other suffering barriers. Hunger is the craving and want of food. At times hunger causes a person to become very weak. Hunger has caused many child deaths throughout the centuries. Hunger is thought to only occur in underdeveloped countries, but that thought is wrong. There are a lot of children going through hunger in developed…show more content…
Natural disasters are known for destroying pretty much everything on land. When natural disasters occur it may leave a lot of people without homes, and the places that may provide people with food may also be destroyed, “Natural disasters, big or small, can cause enormous damage and can suddenly prevent people from having access to food, shelter, electricity and water” (The Issue 1). It is hard for children to get provided with food and shelter. Since children are left without food and shelter for days or months they are experiencing hunger. War has been a really big problem for centuries. War is used to make peace, end conflicts, gain land or lose land, and to gain more power. How does war cause hunger among children? Well war is the act of fighting among people of different countries in order to gain more power or land, as said in the beginning. During the fight among the countries destructive weapons are used. There is destruction among land where people live, or man made destruction and damage. Land where people grow crops may be destroyed as well as stores where people buy food. Since the land is destroyed there is no possible way for people to cultivate and grow crops, and there is also no way for them to buy food because they are left with nothing. People are watching out for their lives and their children’s life everyday facing danger, fear, and hunger because of war. There are countries that have a small population, but there are also those countries that

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