Cierra's Attractions: A Narrative Fiction

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The wind whistled through my hair, and the smells of the night assaulted my nostrils as I dodged around the trees. Pale moonlight pierced the foliage above me revealing the obstacles in my path. Breathing hard, I stopped, searching into the shadows. A campfire blazed off in the distance. Pulling my bow from my back, I notch an arrow in it. Stalking forward, I move until the faint silhouettes of the camp’s inhabitants come into sight. Three people lay near the fire, while a fourth stood guard. I pull my right hand back and take a deep breath in. I release the arrow with my breath and send the arrow flying toward the lone guard. Flying true, it slammed through his skull and quickly felled him. Setting my bow back in the quiver, I quickly moved…show more content…
“You say the sweetest things Nic,” she giggled, placing a forefinger on my chest.
“Get your hands off me whore. Do me a favor and go catch the plague?” I smiled back at her. My smile gave way to a snarl, when she never let that angelic smile fall from her lips. She leaned into my chest, looking up at me.
“But then who get the joy of torturing you baby?” She asked as she slid a knife into my side just above my hip. I let out a scream and jerked back much to her amusement. She giggled again pulling the knife from my side. “So are you finally going to tell me all about the others or are you gonna play hard to get again?”
“And let our love end here?” I responded smiling down at her. She giggled and spun the knife between her fingers before plunging the blade into my stomach.
“Have you become a masochist in our time together?” She asked twisting the blade in my stomach. I screamed again, pulling my hands against the chains.
“You fucking bitch!” I screamed. She laughed cutely before pulling the knife from my stomach. She pushed her finger into the wound and bit her lip softly. The corners of my vision started to fade to
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“Then just tell me about the others and we can play doctor some more.”
“How many times will you make me disappoint you?” I asked. She lowered her eyes with a soft sigh. “You’re going to stab me again aren’t you?” She looked at me with raised eyebrows.
“I would never stab you. No, this is the part where I set you on fire,” she said pulling away. She started to mutter something and I pulled on my reserves of strength to bring my body up, relying on the chains to keep me suspended. I slammed my foot into her throat with a satisfying crunch. She flew back with a gurgle and clutched wildly at her throat.
“Hell no. You are not allowed to set me on fire,” I stated, glaring at her. She stood, the smile for once not in it’s prominent place now replaced by a deathly glare. She banged twice on the metal door and walked out without a single word. I stared at the door in bewilderment for a few moments before letting my eyes trail around the small dark stoned dungeon for the thousandth time. There were two sets of chain attached to the wall, one set was keeping me against the wall, while the other set were about five feet off to my
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