Cigarette Advertising: Ethical Aspect

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Final Assignment in Public Relations and Advertising Course Cigarette Advertising: Ethical Aspect December 2008 Thessaloniki, Greece Abstract The aim of the final assignment is to analyze the issue of cigarette advertising from the ethical point of view. The evidence examined basically tells about the unsuccessful restrictions of cigarette advertising. Relevant theories are applied, such as Consequentialism and Elaboration Likelihood model to make a more explicit research of the topic. The analysis part combines theory, cases, author’s opinion and values and tries to provide an objective viewpoint from two perspectives: advertising and users/non-users of cigarettes, and advertising and producers/distributors and…show more content…
Finally, the last section concludes the work and proposes possible solutions to relevant ethical issue. Chapter 1. Cigarette advertising There has always been controversy around the subject of tobacco, and in particular cigarette, advertising. It has been much debated over the years, but lately there has been a surge in media on the discussion on restriction and even prohibition of tobacco advertising. The American legislation has banned commercials for cigarettes on TV and the topic has been highly debated within the European Union for many years now. Further, many American action groups, the Surgeon General together with the American Medical Association have stated their support for a complete ban of all advertising for these kinds of products. The support for the bans comes from multiple sources, one being the nature of the advertisements. They tend to be emphasizing the pleasures of smoking, or even in extreme cases the pleasures of life, without mentioning the health dangers that follow product usage to a larger extent than is at minimum required by law. After Federal Trade Commission put several restrictions on cigarette advertising and imposed requirements to have a mandatory nicotine content statement and warning titles about the serious harm of cigarettes on health on each package, it did not actually lead to reduction of tobacco consumption at a significant level. Moreover, this resulted in bigger
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