Cigarette Advertisment Essay

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The intended target audience has varied a lot the past century. Cigarette use within the United States military increased significantly during their entrance into World War l, in 1918, because several tobacco companies began targeting military personnel because soldiers used cigarettes as a physiological escape from the horrors of their daily lives. However, women were also especially targeted during the years of war in America, as most consumer goods were aimed at women since the majority of men were at war. To begin with, women were portrayed in cigarette ads as non-smoking admirers of smoking men, however, by 1927 cigarette adverts with women smokers began to appear in women’s magazines. In the years that came, brands such as…show more content…
Here the advertisers are playing with the audience’s conscience through emotional appeal, as mothers would immediately be drawn to the innocuous face of the baby. The fact that the baby is looking upwards makes it seem like it is looking up to his mother as a role model, which would make women feel honored and important. The text box on the bottom left of Appendix 2 clearly agrees with the baby, presenting the mothers’ response as ‘Yes’ showing that she is agreeing with the child, adding ‘you need never feel over-smoked – that’s the Miracle of Marlboro’. ‘Over-smoked’ and ‘that’s’ are bold and underlined making them stand out and deliberately connects them to the message being forwarded to the audience; as if implying that Marlboro is the miracle of life. Also, feeling ‘over-smoked’ has connotations of feeling over-stressed, which implies that if you smoke Marlboro, you will never feel stressed. In the other bottom corner, an open Marlboro cigarette box clearly stands out, exposing the cigarettes, which acts as an invitation to have one, spellbinding the audience towards the product. Due to people’s still lack of knowledge about the dangers of smoking, the use of babies only added sales to the cigarette company. Hence, both mothers and fathers were targeted using similar adverts. Tobacco companies have frequently
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