Cigarette Companies: In Support Of Tobacco Companies

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Support of the Tobacco Companies
Justin S. Lee
Ohlone College

This paper essentially answers the following question: Should tobacco companies be required to contribute part of their profits to the cost of mental health treatment and research? The paper uses various evidence from online sources that answer the question of how tobacco companies should definitely contribute their part of the earnings and profits they make.

First off, what exactly is Tobacco? According to an article titled What is Tobacco?: “Tobacco is a green, leafy plant that is grown in warm climates. Once picked, it can be used in multiple different ways” (Jacobs 1997). While the majority is aware of the fact that tobacco exists
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This is where tobacco companies play a huge role in all this. “Each year, the tobacco industry produces six trillion cigarettes, enough to create a continuous chain from Earth to Mars and back multiple times” (World Lung Foundation 2015). With the companies investing heavily in so much tobacco and mass producing cigarettes and cigars, there is a huge influence that it plays on the world, and its economies. Tobacco companies use decisive advertising to get people’s attention, and try to use persuasion and appeal to get them to purchase the products they sell. When it comes to people’s health and lifestyles, tobacco companies should be required to contribute at least half of their lucrative profits and earnings in order to help support more research and the well-being of everyone, especially more so to the people that do not necessarily purchase or use their products, but rather the ones that are in dire need to support. With that being said, “In 2006, a federal court found that the cigarette industry engaged in willful racketeering and conspiracy to conceal the dangers of smoking from the American public by improperly suppressing and terminating scientific research and destroying research documents (National Institute of Drug Abuse 2016). It’s the tobacco companies that make most of the money, so they should really be sharing the profits…show more content…
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