Cigarette Distribution

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Overview Panchkula branch is responsible for the TM&D framework in the states of Punjab and Haryana. For this reason, this territory is divided into 3 circles namely - North Punjab, South Punjab and Haryana. Each of these circles further divided into three sections each. The circles are headed by an Area Manager and the sections are headed by an Area Executive. Each Section is further catered to by wholesale dealers (WD). These can vary from 3 in numbers (Ludhiana section) to 9 in numbers (Karnal section). The WD is required to provide the infrastructure in terms of investment, godown infrastructure, manpower infrastructure, delivery infrastructure. ITC Brands Brand (Cigarettes) Variant Alias Name* SWD (M) PTR (M) Pack Size…show more content…
Once the estimates for the WDs have been done, they are collated at a section level and then at a circle level before arriving at the estimates for the branch. Then these branch wise estimates are collated to get the estimated for the district. These estimates are then compared at the HO with the production plan submitted by the factories. And if any changes are required, the same are communicated to the district. The DM then further divides these changes so that they get reflected at an individual branch level. Following the same hierarchy, these changes are then made to the circle level estimates, section estimates and WD estimates in that order. Thus for estimation, a bottom – up and top – down approach is used. After the estimates have been punched in, the requirements are generated. This can be looked at from Gen – 42. Requirements = Estimates - Closing Pipeline LM + Opening Pipeline NM; Where, Closing Pipeline = Minimum Basic Reserve (MBR) + Month End Cyclic Reserve (MECR) + Time in Transit (TIT) MBR = Linearity of Sales + Emergency Reserve Linearity of sales = (Maximum Daily Sales for the brand/ Average Sales per working day) – 1 Emergency Reserve = TIT Variance in number of days / No. of occasions of TIT variance DO Process Every day an ideal DO is made for every WD who has his FDOS on that day. The DO quantity is determined by the closing pipeline synced by the WD on the previous day, requirements for
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