Cigarette Smoking Persuasive Essay

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Cigarette smoking is one of the biggest habits in the world at present. More than 16 million people already have at least one disease from smoking. (CDC,2015) Cigarette smoking is estimated to lead to 4.9 premature deaths per year, with this number predicted to rise to a shocking 10 million by 2020. (Novartis Foundation,2009) Cigarette smoking is a detrimental habit which leads to Cancer, heart disease and COPD. (Novartis Foundation,2009) I believe in order to improve the health of citizens and increase the population, cigarette smoking should be banned. Cigarettes, ex-smokers, and life-long non-smokers are often compared. (Novartis Foundation,2009) The findings show that the mortality of continuing (Novartis Foundation,2009) cigarette smokers is, on average, at least twice (Novartis,2009) that of life-long non-smokers throughout middle and old age. (Novartis Foundation,2009) In other words, for those who smoke cigarettes regularly smoking is, in adult life in the USA, as hazardous as all other causes of death combined, (Novartis foundation,2009) Those killed by tobacco lose an average of 21 years of life.…show more content…
(Novartis Foundation,2009) In fact, it is never too late to stop given that, for example, lung cancer or some other potentially fatal disease has not already been induced; (Novartis Foundation,2009) but the sooner the habit is stopped the sooner the benefits are achieved. (Novartis Foundation,2009) The CDC has started an anti-smoking campaign. (CDC,2015) This campaign shares anti-smoking stories. One of the stories was a woman named Annette(CDC,2015) who after deciding to quit smoking found out she already had lung cancer(CDC,2015), Annette consequently had one lung removed and became ill with oral (CDC,2015) cancer as well. Luckily Annette received the benefits from quitting her habit (CDC,2015) is now cancer free and able to speak about her
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